Crime Victim Notification

In accordance with the Michigan Crime Victim’s Rights Act, the victim has the right to be notified if the defendant is being released, moved to another facility, transferred to a community corrections program or escapes from custody.  

If you are the victim of a crime and wish to be notified when the defendant is released from custody / jail, you can:

  • Complete the request form online
    • This online form will automatically email personnel at the Berrien County Jail of your request to be notified. This is the most efficient way to process your request.
  • Complete the request in person
    • You may complete the victim notification paperwork, in person, at the Berrien County Jail (any time of the day,  every day), the Prosecutor’s Office (during normal courthouse hours) or the Niles Court Building (between 8am and 3pm Monday - Friday).
  • Print the form and mail it 
    • Should you choose to print and mail this form, you acknowledge that the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for any delay in notification or loss of this form while in transit by the U.S. Postal Service.