Local Hazards

The EMHSD coordinates a planning effort that identifies local threats and risks. The approach that is taken assesses possible threats and risks and puts them into context of frequency and severity. This assessment looks at both how frequently a known hazard has occurred in our area and also what the estimated impacts would be to property and people's safety if they were to occur. This information is also weighed against the counties' comprehensive master plan and includes the input from each local municipality, community groups, and local businesses to make an educated guess on what future impacts could be based upon growth and future land use.

Berrien County Hazard Mitigation Plan

This information is included as the basis and beginning sections of the Berrien County Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan is revised and adopted every 5 years.

Many licensed businesses in Michigan are required to maintain emergency plans and, as part of those plans, must conduct a hazard vulnerability assessment (HVA). Although they may use the county Hazard Mitigation Plan to assess threats and risk to their community, the intent of a facility HVA is to assess the threats and risk within their property boundaries and surrounding neighborhoods.

In our assessment of local hazards, we classify them into different types, as you may see below, which helps us to compare these hazards and helps us to develop an all-hazards emergency plan - meaning we develop a basic plan that addresses what needs to be done no matter what the hazard is and then refine specific things we may need to do for our most prevalent hazards. This approach makes the planning process efficient, reasonable, and manageable.

Download a copy of the plan here.