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2021 Hazard Mitigation Task Force


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Volunteer
  3. 3. Affiliate Classification
  4. 4. Your Information
  5. 5. Meeting Avoidance
  • Introduction

    1. Purpose of Form
      To collect volunteer contact information of those interested in serving on the Local Planning Team for updating the Hazard Mitigation Plan for Berrien County.
    2. Process
      This form serves as a nominating form. Self Nomination is recommended. Members will be notified of appointment by Emergency Management once they are made.
    3. Task Force
      A Task Force is used to describe a team of people who are working toward the same goal , but they come from different backgrounds and agencies. In this case, a diverse team is being sought to be members on a task force to help update the County's Hazard Mitigation Plan.
    4. Member Commitment
      The membership commitment is to attend and participate in planning meetings. Data and input is needed and members will present information that is found to represent the point of view from those they represent. A Local Governmental Leader will represent their view from the perspective of their community. A Fire Chief may represent the view of a professional emergency responder. A Community Group member may represent the interest of the disabled. Depending upon your background, you would represent a different view from other members. You would be expected to ensure that the view you represent is a consensus view of those you represent. For instance, the Fire Chief used as an example above, should actively seek out advice from other Fire Chiefs to present a consensus opinion or actively encourage those with opposing views to become a member of the task force. or submit a comment/statement to the task force explaining their opinion. There will be a likely meeting cadence of monthly, with some months not needing a meeting, and others needing two.
    5. Steering Committee Commitment
      The same effort as a member is expected. However, additional work will be done to organize meetings, help with logistics, advise and guide the planning contractor, approve plan content, solicit members, help collect data, and guide the project to success. This will likely be a cadence of biweekly meetings.